About the Brand


AMHEUR is an independent woman's fashion label designed, developed, sourced and proudly made in India, with a mission to provide a luxe and congenial wardrobe access for every woman. The essence of the brand is femininity, luxury and confidence with a contemporary approach to design and style, to redefine the possibilities of fashion.

AMHEUR as "love and happiness" is dedicated to the modern woman who loves clothes and feels happy after wearing them. The brand seamlessly blends elegance, luxury and glamour into its style while being affordable for the woman who considers their wardrobe to reflect their story of style and creative expression, not somebody else's.


We don't believe in amalgamated standards of fashion and style, instead we believe in clothes that reflect your personal taste. We do a range of luxe yet congenial apparel at AMHEUR to empower you to explore and express that distinctiveness. We make fashion forward affordable silhouettes that help you celebrate yourself unabashedly. From chic essentials to alluring pieces that make you look like a million bucks, AMHEUR has something for every spirit and vibe.